Studio Credits:

A Cat Named Kesey
Adam Fisher​
Aidan O'brien
Alex Stengl
Another Avenue​
The Aviators​
Big Erle
The Black Oaks
Bouzouki Fusion
Brendon McShaw
Chainsaw Mascara
The Crimson Horror​
Dalton Gangs Last Raid
Damn Fine Gentlemen
Dirt Mavrick
El Grande​
Gay Paris
Glenn Shorrock
Hannah Rodwell
The Heapsgoods
Ian Banks (The Indigo Children)
Ill Brigade
Izzy (The Screaming Jets)
Jack Reilly
Jagged Stone​
Joseph Benjamin
Kay Proudlove​
King Saido
Las Juanitas
Luke Monks (Gay Paris)
Mad Polly
Melanie April​​
The Merchants
Mirror Sessions
My Little Underground
Nathan Flint​
The Omissions
One For The Road
Outlaws of Soul
The Pennys
Plasmon Resonance Band
Psychic Sun
Rani's Fire
Red Sea Drifters
Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls
Round The Corner
Scott Halls (Triggermoose)
Sean Emmett​
The Sex Panthers
Shane King
Sick Society
The Skirts
Sofia Bracco
Square One
Sterio Crickets
Swing Booty​
Two Rivers Blues​
Unknown Road
When Gravity Takes Over
+ More...

 "I highly recommend Ben from Silver Sound studios, not only for his incredible patience and easy going nature but his willingness to go the extra mile with unusual studio requests. We recently had the fantastic experience of recording/mixing and mastering with him and were blown away by the quality of production, particularly for the very low price. I have recorded in dozens of studios over the last 20 years and have rarely been so impressed."
​     - Ronny - 'The Heapsgoods'

     "Hey Ben, thanks for the great session yesterday. Loving the new track."
     - Joey - 'Round The Corner'​

​​     "I recorded my EP at Silver Sound Recording Studio. Silver Sound (aka Ben Davies) exceeded expectations with the quality and the smooth and fast delivery of recorded material. Ben was an absolute pleasure to work with as well as offering confident industry advice throughout the process so we could maximise the quality of the work we were doing. We got through large amounts of recordings in a timely manner, to the point that all editing and mastering was also completed through Silver Sound. I am extremely happy with the final product, it's clean and serves the genre well. I felt that Silver Sound Recording Studios really understood the genre and the intent of the music bringing the soul of it out into the recording realm. I highly recommend Silver Sound and endeavour to record with them again!"
     -​ Alex Stengl - 'Rani's Fire'

     ​​"Thanks again for the great work you did for us on our single 'Sleep'. We enjoyed the whole experience at Silver Sound."
     - Jesse - 'Another Avenue​'

     "A million thanks to Ben for doing a great job on our new CD"
     - 'Charlie Harper Band'​​​​
"Loved my time in the studio with Ben, he is an 
absolute master, especially when it comes to listening to the artist, he gives the artist what they want and more, points them in the right direction and brings out the best possible sound.
Silver Sound, I have no doubt will continue to succeed because the passion in which Ben puts into his work is clearly visible in everything he helps create! When someone loves what they do, it makes such a difference. Thanks Silver Sound, and thanks Ben!"
- Nathan Flint -​

"I recorded vocals at Silver Sound Recording Studios throughout the year of 2013. Ben was very professional and at the same time very relaxed. He was extremely flexible with times, recording when it suited me and at a good price. There’s no question about it, he’s a technically competent engineer and a nice bloke too.
I look forward to recording again at the studio in the near future.
For your help Ben, you will die a quick and relatively painless death." 
​- Forthron The Evil - 'OGRE'

"Dlinkwnt had a great day of recording at Silver Sound!
Awesome atmosphere and Ben is a great engineer to work with!"
- Nick - 'Dlinkwnt'​​​​​

"I love it. Whammo. Thanks so much man, the album wouldn't be what it is without you."
- Adam - 'Chainsaw Mascara'​​​​​​​